13mm White Aluminum Plain Flip Off Seals - 100 Pack

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13mm Solid Flip Top Seal


13mm Flip top seals for use with all 13mm tubular serum or molded vials in combination with grey or red butyl rubber stoppers, round, 2 or 3 pronged lyophilization stoppers (complete seal and freeze dry pharmaceutical application), and humidity, acid, temperature and chemically resistant clear gel silica stoppers.  Flip Top Seals, also known as Flip off and Flip cap seals, are a vital part of the serum vial system, ensuring closure integrity. Features smooth plastic cap edge; plastic disc portion of the seal flips off  easily with one hand exposing the aluminum seal with center hole, while leaving no jagged metal edges. Flip cap seal provides the added benefit of a highly visible surface area for easy marking & labeling, as well as product distinction.  Manufactured with an integrated security tamper resistant feature that protects targeted area. Contents can be accessed by syringe with attached needle.


Size: 13mm

Crimper Tool Used For Application: 13mm Flip Top Crimper

Vial Compatibility: Fits all serum vials with a 13mm OD Neck Size

Autoclavable for Sterile applications