Tex Lab Supply Propylene Glycol NF/FCC/USP - Kosher Certified is a pharmaceutical grade of Monopropylene Glycols (PG or MPG) with a specified purity greater than 99.8%.

This particular Propylene Glycol is manufactured by the DOW (TM) Chemical Company. It is the DOW (TM) Puraguard (TM) Propylene Glycol. We buy this product in drums and totes and repackage in our private lab. DOW (TM) and Puraguard (TM) are trademarks owned by the DOW (TM) Chemical company and Tex Lab Supply is not affiliated with them.
Tex Lab Supply PG NF/FCC/USP is tested for compliance with specifications of:
United States Pharmacopeia (USP)
European Pharmacopoeia (EP)
Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP)
Food Chemical Codex (FCC)
It also complies with:
Brazilian Pharmacopoeia (FB)
other pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food regulations in the global markets where it is sold
Tex Lab Supply Propylene Glycol NF/FCC/USP is Kosher and complies with Halal requirements.
Tex Lab Supply Propylene Glycol NF/FCC/USP is an important ingredient for a multitude of uses, including:
Solvent for aromatics in the flavor-concentrate industry
Wetting agent for natural gums
Ingredient in the compounding of citrus and other emulsified flavors
Solvent in elixirs and pharmaceutical preparations
Solvent and coupling agent in the formulation of sun screen, lotion, shampoos, shaving creams and other similar products
Emulsifier in cosmetic and pharmaceutical creams
Ingredient for low-temperature heat-transfer fluids involving indirect food contact, such as brewing and dairy uses, as well as refrigerated grocery display cases
Very effective humectant, preservative and stabilizer in semi-moist pet food (with the exception of cat food), bakery goods, food flavorings and salad dressings
Heat Transfer Fluids
Fragrance, Cosmetics and Personal Care
Food and Flavorings
Pet Food/Animal Feed
Other Applications
Physical Properties*
Physical PropertiesUnitsPropylene Glycol USP/EP (PG USP/EP)
Chemical Name1,2-propanediol
CAS Number157-55-6
EINECS Number200-338-0
Molecular Weight76.1
Boiling Point760 mm Hg, F369.3
760 mm Hg, C187.4
Vapor Pressuremm Hg, 77F (25C)0.13
Evaporation Rate(n-Butyl Acetate = 1)1.57E-02

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