20mm Standard Aluminum Center Tear Seal 

Standard Aluminum Seals with Tear-out center. Unlined aluminum seal features center disc that tears-out exposing the top of the stopper to the syringe.  Designed for easy sealing of glass serum vials and bottles. 20mm Standard aluminum seals are use with all 20mm tubular serum or molded vials from brands like Wheaton, Kimble, and RLS in combination with grey or red butyl rubber stoppers, 2 or 3 pronged lyophilization stoppers (offers complete seal and freeze dry pharmaceutical application), or humidity, temperature & chemically resistant clear gel silica stoppers. 

Manufactured with an integrated security tamper resistant feature that protects targeted area. Contents can be accessed by syringe with attached needle.


Quick View Features:

Size: 20mm

Closure Style: Crimp Top

Crimper Tool Used for application: 20mm Standard Crimper

Vial Compatible: All serum vials with 20mm OD neck sizes

Autoclavable for sterile applications: Yes