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Large Smell Proof Bag (12 x 9 Inches) with Internal Mesh Organizer Pockets

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    • 600D Fabric with Activated Carbon Lining. Lock in smelly odor and and help keep product fresh.
    • DESIGNED WITH YOUR ACCESSORIES IN MIND - In addition to protecting and preserving your favorite herbs, spices, teas, and even dog treats, our bags were the first to bring you mesh pocket organizers built to secure all your accessories
    • A FINE BALANCE BETWEEN STORAGE AND PORTABILITY - Balance of storage and portability. Enjoy privacy at home, work or in your car. 
    • CARBON TECHNOLOGY SCENT SUPPRESSION - Activated charcoal traps scents keeping your bag odor free. Rest assured that your products are private, safe, and secure with dual sets of heavy duty velcro locking everything inside. Our Formline Supply exclusive handle and Carabiner keeps the bag (and your valuables) from slipping out of your hands.

- 100% Money Back Guarantee From Manufacturer